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Video Game LIMS

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This is the LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) icontest dedicated soley to video game icons. Every week, one participant will be voted off, until the only person left is the best icon maker aka the Last Icon Maker Standing. This is not only a great opportunity to show your stuff, but also a good way to get honest critique to help you improve your icons, and most of all a fun way to challenge yourself and go against one another to see who is left as the last icon maker standing.

Once you've read the rules, go ahead and join the community. Whether you're here to compete, or simply watch and vote, everyone is welcome.

Sign ups for Round Eleven are Open!

Sign Up:Here!

Video Game LIMS is run by trickle, deria_hime & thbogzdd.


01. First, join the community, and then sign up if you would like too.

02. Each week, you will be given a word theme in which you must make an icon related to the word. Interpret as you wish.
04. Brushes, textures, stock images, animation, etc is completely fine.

05. Icons entered must fit LJ standards of 100x100 in pixels, and under 40kb in size.

06. All entries must be new for the competition, and you may not show the icon anywhere else. If you are found to be breaking this rule, you will be disqualified.

07. Each week you must submit an icon if you are participating in the round. Until the final four, you are allowed to skip ONE week, but you must let me know in the submission post

08. No fan art or doujinshi allowed. Only official art/screencaps/etc may be used.

09. If all of the spots are filled for the current round, you can participate in the next round by signing up in the next sign up post, which will be added shortly before the end of the current round.
10.Banners will be available for Eliminated, People's Choice,and Mods Choice!


Monday: Voting results, along with a new challenge being posted.

Friday: Icons due before 3pm GMT+8

Saturday Morning to Monday at noon: Voting.


This is the format in which you submit your icon each week:




01. You do NOT need to be entered in the round to vote,And you do NOT have to be a member of the community to vote.

02. Voting is for your least two favorite icons. I say favorite, but be fair. If you see an icon that has your favorite color in it, but the other icon is more original, you should know what to do, right?

03. When voting, give a reason, and please try to use constructive criticism. Simply saying things like "this icon sucks" isn't going to help anyone, will it?

04. If you are participating in the round, you are allowed to vote. You don't have to, but you should since it increases your chances of not getting voted off - you never know when one vote will change the outcome.

05. When voting for your favorite, you do not need to give a reason, but it always helps.


Affliates Cut 7/20/09, if there was no activity in your comm for several months.
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